About Us

My name is Uzma Zirvi and I am the administrator of Advanced Women’s Imaging located in West New York, NJ. We perform Mammograms, Ultrasound, Digital X-Rays, EKG, and Bone Density scans. Recognizing that Hudson County lacked a center truly dedicated to women and their diagnostic needs we decided to open the first Women’s Imaging Center in Hudson County.  What truly differentiates us is our attention and focus on women and their complete diagnostic needs from both a quality of service perspective and quality of diagnostic interpretation. From the polite and understanding staff, to the color scheme, beverages and snacks provided, as well as comfortable robes and gowns, Advanced Women’s Imaging has placed great attention to detail to make the experience as comfortable as possible for our patients. Our equipment is of the highest quality and includes the Hologic Lorad Selenia, a full-field digital Mammogram that is consistently one of the highest-rated units by KLAS. Our medical director is Dr. Orestes Sanchez, an Interventional Radiologist on staff at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center who has a CAQ (Certificate of Added Qualification) in Vascular Ultrasound and has specialized training in biopsies and other interventional procedures, Dr. Mahejabeen Japanwalla, a Diagnostic Radiologist with over 20 years of experience whose attention to detail is loved by referring physicians, and Dr Amanda Bauer, a Breast Imager who focuses exclusively on breast imaging. Dr. Bauer herself is a breast cancer survivor and can empathize with patients and recognize more than others how important the value of timely screening truly results in saving lives. Studies have proven that General Radiologists normally find cancer at approximately 3 cm and Breast Imagers find it at less than 1 cm when interpreting mammograms and breast ultrasounds. Considering the majority of the patients in our area are having their mammograms interpreted by a general radiologist we wanted to give the residents of Hudson County the quality of service they deserve. We have a multi-ethnic staff that can speak various languages in addition to English including Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and Punjabi. It is our desire to provide the quality that can only be matched by the best hospitals while giving our patients the ease of an outpatient facility. To that end, we have hired staff with the highest credentials. The experience of our staff combined with their compassion creates for a center that really cares about its patients. We can fax, email, or mail the reports based on the preference of the referring physician but we also provide online access to reports and images to make life easier. All reports are ready within 24 hours and emergency cases are ready within a half hour. We are truly a great resource for the community of Hudson County.