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Radiology in North Hudson, West New York, NJ

Advanced Magnetic Imaging

Advanced Imaging has two American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited facilities in West New York, New Jersey, that have been offering state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services to Hudson County and the surrounding area since 1985.

For a more personalized experience, Advanced Imaging provides MRI and CT scans at Advanced Magnetic Imaging, with digital X-ray, ultrasound, bone density, echocardiogram, and EKG (electrocardiogram) services available within walking distance at Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging.Advanced Magnetic Imaging’s staff dedicate themselves to providing patients with a convenient, comfortable experience. The medical team includes sub-specialty trained, board-certified radiologists who combine the most advanced, up-to-date radiological developments with a wealth of training and experience.

Patients visiting Advanced Magnetic Imaging can be confident that a radiologist specializing in their condition will interpret the results to ensure the highest quality service. The practice’s skilled team of advanced licensed technologists and administrators coordinate with the patient’s specialist or primary care provider to offer comprehensive, caring support in a professional environment. Fulfilling the needs of referring physicians and their patients is of primary importance to everyone at Advanced Magnetic Imaging.

They recognize that patients may be anxious and strive to ensure that every person’s experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. The technologists carefully explain the procedure beforehand to set the patient’s mind at ease and welcome any questions patients might have.The Advanced Magnetic Imaging facility has parking on-site and is near most public transportation stops. The practice also offers complimentary transport on request. Patients benefit from flexible opening hours, bilingual staff, and disability-friendly facilities. The practice is also in network with most insurances.

Advanced Magnetic Imaging takes great pride in its tradition of delivering excellent medical care with outstanding professionalism. To benefit from the practice’s superior radiology services, call their office today or book an appointment online.


Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging in West New York, New Jersey, is an American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited facility in Hudson County.

The practice offers a range of services, including allergy testing, DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) bone density studies, digital X-rays, and ultrasounds. MRI and CT scans are available nearby at the practice’s Advanced Magnetic Imaging office.If you’re visiting the practice for an abdominal sonogram, make sure you don’t eat or drink for eight hours prior to your exam. If you’re having an OB and pelvic sonogram, drink 32oz of water 1.5 hours before your exam. Do not empty your bladder, as a full bladder is required.

Patients benefit from Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging’s personalized approach and the comprehensive fulfillment of their diagnostic needs. The practice’s state-of-the-art equipment offers the clearest, most detailed images available.From its polite, understanding staff and calming color scheme to the beverages, snacks, and comfortable robes and gowns provided, Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging’s attention to detail makes the experience comfortable and pleasant for their patients. The multi-ethnic staff can speak many languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and Punjabi.

Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging aims to provide the quality service offered by the best hospitals while giving patients the convenience of an outpatient facility. They employ staff with the highest qualifications and extensive experience that, in combination with their compassion, creates a practice that genuinely cares about its patients.Referring physicians can request patients’ results by fax, email, or mail. Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging also provides online access to images and reports. They complete all reports within 24 hours and emergency cases within 30 minutes.

Staff members work closely with doctors’ offices to get authorizations promptly and do their best to get patients the earliest appointment.To benefit from superior radiology and diagnostic services in a warm, welcoming environment, call Advanced Diagnostics and Imaging today or book an appointment online.